What Does The Yellow X Symbol on Market Cipher Mean?

When using Market Cipher, a common symbol to see on the charts with Market Cipher A and is what is known as a "yellow X", this is a particular symbol that typically indicates future bearish movement.

The Yellow X Symbol On Market Cipher A Explained

Seeing the Yellow X symbol on Market Cipher is very often a bearish sign. In the words of Market Cipher official documentation it means when longs are being rapidly bought up and sold short in a high volume. This scenario indicates the high possibility of whales to "manipulate the market"

Whales during a yellow X symbol often are manipulating the charts usually indicating a bearish reversal by retail traders to supply liquidity then quickly backing out and reversing the position with the aim of liquidating traders.

Trading Using The Yellow X Symbol

According to Market Cipher documentation the Yellow X is typically the most reliable on higher time frames starting at the 1 hour chart.

Crypto Face has often said on stream that the yellow X is the most strong during the first 2 prints, then typically wear off in severity after that.

Market Cipher A Yellow X Pattern

3 Yellow X printed on the ETH/USDT 4hr chart

As such, seeing two yellow X symbols print on a high time frame is a probable sign that bearish candles will soon be printed.