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How To Redeem The Market Cipher Discount Code?

Claiming your discount code is very easy to do, all you need to do is go to the Market Cipher website. Then click on the "Buy" button, select your membership option, then in the cart page you can find a field called "Coupon code" enter ZERO15 into this box and click "Apply coupon" after this, your checkout should be 15% cheaper!

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What is Market Cipher?

Market Cipher is a premium trading indicator which gives real time indications on crypto, stocks commodities and more, it incorporates multiple indications into an algorithm to let users trade or invest easier.

Market Cipher includes four versions, Market Cipher A, Market Cipher B, Market Cipher SR and Market Cipher DBSI giving users multiple ways to interpret the chart. The main function of Market Cipher is A/B and the majority of strategies heavily use these 2 parts of the indicator.It is important to know that Market Cipher is a leading indicator, meaning that it is designed to tell you with a high degree of accuracy the next movement of an asset being bullish or bearish.

Is Market Cipher Worth The Cost?

A lot of people ask if Market Cipher is worth the price tag, which usually goes for $600 for a 1 year membership and over $1,000 for a lifetime membership. The creator of Market Cipher Crypto Face has said the cost of the indicator is intentionally high to attract the right traders on stream before. Although it is a great indicator, we don't recommend paying full price and you may want to take advantage of a discount.

Various seasonal deals are applied to reduce the cost of Market Cipher on occasions such as Black Friday and coupon codes can be applied to checkout. By using the coupon code: ZERO15 you can get 15% off your purchase.

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Who Uses Market CIpher?

Quite simply the Market Cipher trading indicator is one of the most sophisticated indicators to help traders enter in short and long term positions. Many people from hedge funds to millionaire retail traders incorporate Market Cipher as part of their strategy.

Market Cipher was made by Crypto Face a famous crypto YouTuber who holds the world record for the most profit made in a livestreamed scalp trade. He has refined multiple aspects of his trading bot strategy into an easy to use indicator for retail users to utilize. A lot of cryptocurrency whales do use and rate Market Cipher highly as a method to help analyse the market environment. In fact, it was built by cryptocurrency traders however it's arguably stronger in application to Forex and Stocks.

Why Choose Market Cipher?

There are a few advantages to using Market Cipher compared to other indicators on the market.

You can customize the parts of the indicator you want to see/hide as the indicator is split into 4 versions.
leading indicator

A huge advantage to Market Cipher is that it's a leading indicator and not a lagging indicator.

great support

Customer support is efecient and helpful, give you 24 hour response on their support e-mail.


A subscription to Market Cipher gains you access to a private group of traders which share their trading setups and signals.


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